Human Interface Mate

Arkite’s Human Interface Mate (HIM) transforms workstations into a digital and interactive environment. It is the ultimate Operator Guidance technology.
The HIM provides the employee with real-time picking and assembly instructions through Augmented Reality and warns in case of any error in an forward-looking manner. The smart sensor validates correct execution of picking and assembly tasks and ensures qualitative performance by preventing human errors.
The innovative technology leads the employee error-free through his work and thus contributes not only to increased efficiency, but also improves the flexibility and quality of assembly processes. Manuals, checklists or handwritten protocols are now a thing of the past.
Due to the user-friendly interface of the HIM software, engineers can create a project without programming knowledge. 
The HIM is capable of integrating with customer’s ecosystem, such as smart tooling, MES and ERP. These smart integrations enable to include the existing environment of the workstation and secure key aspects of the process. 



Human Error Prevention
Rework and Scrap Reduction
Warranty and Replacement elimination


First Time Right
Lot Size Flexibility
Workforce Flexibility

Human Capital

Multi Skilled Operators
Shortened Learning Curve
Skill Dependent Guidance
Reassurance of Performance



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