We autonomate instead of automate


Time Savings

HIM is the first real process Poka Yoke or Jidoka (Autonomation) that eliminates work by taking
the need away for control actions. The confirmations of the actions performed by operators are
taken over by the system, so the operator can focus on the value added work.



Reduction of Cost of Poor Quality

HIM assists the operator not to make mistakes and or if a mistake is made to correct it within
cycle time.


Dynamic Work instructions

HIM projects work instructions only when applicable, attractive and promoting vigilance.


Scalable DIY software

Our customers can integrate HIM into their manufacturing processes themselves. The software
is intuitive and self-explaining.



By creating virtual sensors you avoid the use of wearables and the installation of physical sen
sors and cabling. Less effected by wear and therefore maintenance free.



HIM’s gamification environment stimulates operators to perform their work in its most optimal